Value of RYE

RYE will be one of the most valuable life experiences for you and your family.  You will grow as an individual with a far greater knowledge of a culture, a language, and the people of the country you visit.  This will help you appreciate your own culture and country even more.  Along with the differences you will see the similarities that humans everywhere share.

The value of your exchange year will show in many ways.

You will have a depth of understand in cultures far in excess of a typical college graduate that can easily translate into you career.  Governments, universities, and businesses will value the language skills and cultural knowledge you will gain.  The practice and experience in presentations (public speaking) especially in a second language will set you ahead of the average graduate.  Plus the maturity and poise that you will gain will polish you like a gem.

Jobs from translator to diplomat to corporate executive could be open to you. We expect that your lifetime earnings potential to be higher than the average college graduate.

We know that you will value the exchange experience throughout your life and as a result your “happiness” will be higher. With a good exchange, you will have lifelong friends through your exchange families and friends.  This will easily lead to more personal travel and continued personal growth and development throughout your life.

Your language skills will be far better than the typical college graduate. We know you will retain these skills for a lifetime.

What does College Graduate retain after 5 Years?

How will you repay Rotary?

  • Have a wonderful exchange (and share it with family, friends, and Rotary – your blog)
  • Be a great ambassador for Rotary, for St. Louis, or Missouri, and for the US
  • Make many new friends and keep them for life (communications and visits)
  • Tell your teachers and student friends and encourage them to consider an exchange
  • Thank Rotary Clubs for your experience – presentations, letters, blogs
  • Use your exchange experience to make the world better – community service, your career
  • Join Rotoract while in college or as a young professional
  • Apply for a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
  • Join Rotary, help us serve the community and make the world better
  • Encourage others to join Rotary

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