Facts – St. Louis

St Louis Facts – Explore St. Louis

St. Louis is a World Class City

Where St. Louis Ranks on Quality of Life Indicators?

St. Louis Region Named All-American Region 2008

St. Louis Region Named a Four-Star Quality of Life Metro 2007, Expansion Management magazine

St. Louis Region Named One of the Most Underrated Destinations of the World, Los Angeles Times, 2009

St. Louis Region Has the Best Value of any Urban Destination Anywhere, Los Angeles Times, 2009

St. Louis Region’s Crime Ranking (103) is Among the Lowest in the Nation for Large Metropolitan Areas

St. Louis Region named as one of the National Trust for Historical Preservation’s 2010 Dozen Distinctive Destinations

St. Louis is one of the “100 Cities of the World,” Falco Brenner and published by Parragon

1st – Lowest Cost of Living in the United States, US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), 2009

1st – Total non-profit arts industry spending and volunteers for the arts in markets with a population of greater  than One Million (Americans for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, 2005)

1st – Best Tasting City Water in America (blind taste test for taste, clarity, and aroma), Veolia Water North America Central LLC, 2007

1st – Shortest wait in a supermarket line among the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the USA, www.savvysugar.com 2009

2nd – Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra is the 2nd oldest in the United States

2nd – America’s Most Literate Cities, Central Connecticut State University, 2009

2nd – Most Affordable Large Metropolitan Area in the Country, National Association of Home Builders, 2008

2nd – Safest City from Food Borne Diseases, Men’s Health magazine, February 2008

3rd – Saint Louis Zoo, 10 Best Zoos for Kids, Parent’s Magazine, May 2009

3rd – Annual List of “Top 50 Labor Day Destinations” for 2010, www.priceline.com

3rd – Lowest Cost of Living (among America’s 40 largest metropolitan areas, www.Forbes.com October 2009)

3rd – America’s Recession-Proof Cities to Retire In (among America’s 40 largest metropolitan areas, www.Forbes.com October 2009)

4th – Forest Park in St. Louis City is the 4th Largest Urban Park in America (500 acres larger than Central Park in New York City)

4th – Saint Louis Art Fair, Art Fair Source Book for Top 25 Fine Art Events in the Nation for 2009
4th – Most Affordable Places to Live Well (housing affordability, cost of living, quality of life, best arts and leisure offerings), Forbes Magazine 2007

4th – Lowest Median Monthly Housing Cost (among America’s 40 largest metropolitan areas), www.Forbes.com October 2009

5th – Recession-Proof Cities to Retire In, Forbes magazine, October 2009

5th – Saint Louis Science Center, 10 Best Science Centers for Families, Parent’s magazine, September 2008

6th – Lowest Median Home Price (among America’s 40 largest metropolitan areas, www.Forbes.com October 2009)

7th – St. Louis Region Ranks 7th as a location for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies (n=21) ahead of Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Antonio, and San Francisco. Source: St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association 2010

7th – Seventh Largest American City — when St. Louis City and County are combined with 1.4 million people

7th – Most Affordable U.S. Real Estate Market (houses affordable to median income-earning households), Forbes magazine, 2007

8th – Most Generous Large Cities, per capita on-line giving 2010

8th – America’s Best Housing Markets, Forbes magazine, February 2010

8th – Real Estate Investing, HomeVestors of America Inc., 2008

9th – Most Courteous City (least road rage), AutoVantage 2009 Road Rage Survey

9th – Best U.S. Cities for Relocating Families (cost of living, crime rates, education, climate, arts and culture, diversity, physicians per capita), Worldwide ERC and Primacy Relocation, 2007

10th – Highest Volunteer Rate in the Nation, Corporation for National & Community Service, 2010

15th – Best City for Young Professionals, Forbes Magazine, July 2008

15th – Bicycle Friendly Community, League of American Bicyclists for 2009

16th – Best Cities for Singles, Forbes magazine, July 2008

18th – Most Populated Metropolitan Statistical Area in the USA with nearly 3 million people, US Census Bureau

18th – Smartest Place to Live (median home price, cost of living, economic vitality, education, healthcare, local arts scene, recreational facilities), Kiplinger Personal Finance 2006

Top 25 – Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the Top 25 art museums in America, Travel Holiday’s Best Art Museums in America, 2009


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