Student Presentation

What are my obligations to Rotary?

Youth Exchange students are expected to attend Rotary functions, such as club and district meetings, conferences, and orientations. Students may be asked to give speeches to Rotarians in their host and sending countries. Rotary obligations should take precedence over other extracurricular activities.

In these cases the student becomes a goodwill ambassador sharing their pride, excitement. and knowledge for their family, city, state and country.  They will be able to their exchange including their challenges, joys, and new experiences in areas like language, foods, and customs.  Keeping current in their blog (writing the experience) will help them tell their stories and keep it interesting.

Some student presentations may be a simple as a short introduction and thank you at the Rotary event they attend.  Other “presentations” may include their personal introduction including information on their family, city, country and personal interests in meeting other RYE students, or teachers, or Rotarians in informal situations.

In some cases, usually near the end of their exchange, RYE students may be asked to make a formal presentation to share their exchange experience with the hosting Rotary Club in the local language.

Presentation Training

The Outbound Orientation will include training, tips and practice for the presentations.  Student participation is critical for their success.

In the first Orientation meeting we will review the presentation.  We will discuss types of presentations and sources for background information (local history, geography, business information, customs. and political structure).  We will discuss techniques for preparing, organizing, and making a presentation that will be interesting and informative.

In the second Orientation meeting students will make a presentation (about 8 minutes).  The students and trainers and parents that may attend will be the audience and offer suggestions and ideas for improvement.  Seeing and participating in the student presentations will give them more ideas and will build their confidence.

In all cases, their “Rotary” audiences will be great – supportive, interested, and sympathetic.    This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to practice and gain confidence in their public speaking – an incredibly valuable lifetime skill.


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