Outbound Orientation Topics

Outbound orientation include the following topics:

Program Information

  • Rules and regulations
  • Travel restrictions
  • Finances
  • Roles and responsibilities of participants
  • Basic Rotary information
  • Budgeting (allowance/stipend and costs)
  • Contact information for the sending district chair, district governor, club president, and Rotarian counselor


  • Suggestions for speaking at Rotary meetings (e.g., bring slides, pictures, maps from home)
  • Communications with home
  • Role as a Rotary ambassador

Cultural Preparation

  • Role of the host club and counselor
  • Homesickness
  • Adaptability and cultural tolerance
  • Language training
  • Host families and sample questions
  • Cross-cultural preparation and research on host country
  • Gift Giving


  • Abuse and harassment prevention and awareness training, including reporting (required)
  • Gender-specific breakout session to discuss sensitive issues (eating disorders, sexual harassment, etc.).
  • District 24-hour contact number and contact information for two nonRotarian resource persons, one male and one female

Travel Information

  • Passport and visa information
  • Finances/money
  • Insurance, health care discussions
  • Luggage, packing suggestions, etc.
  • Youth Exchange Blazers

Additional Information for Parents

  • Parents-only meeting to discuss the challenges of being a parent of an exchange student, visiting the student abroad, and what the parent can expect during the homecoming

Additional topics

  • What it’s like being an exchange student (brief presentation by a current inbound or former exchange student)
  • Not all Rotary clubs are the same
  • Understanding your own cultural expectations and assumptions

Parents are asked to attend orientation to speak with Youth Exchange officers,
travel agents, alumni, and other parents. It’s also strongly recommended that students
spend time talking with alumni who studied in their future host country.

The best orientation sessions permit adequate time for discussion between outbound
students and alumni. If possible, include inbound students as well.


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