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All POSTS (blogs) are posted in the HOME page in reverse chronological order.  You can add links, photos, et al while posting or as later edits.

You can add Posts to the home page.  You can edit and delete previous posts.  You can add quick posts, simple text information directly from the Dashboard (see Left Sidebar, top) page.

PAGES  are simply web pages.  You can have as many as you wish with as complicated a link structure as you may wish.  Usually the information in pages more “permanent,or static” than posts.  You may wish to archive long posts onto static pages.  You may wish to put special information or links on your exchange city or country or some special events or places on your static pages.

We suggest that you focus on logging your exchange primarily in the posts.  It is more important to document your experience that to learn how to build a website.


Editing You Posts

When you are logged-in the bottom of each page will have an EDIT selection.  This will move your page from live, online view to edit mode.

NOTE: The edit mode looks like many email or simpler word processor editors.  This will be similar to WORD or OPEN OFFICE WRITER but less selection and options, fewer fonts and font sizes.  If you are more comfortable editing in WORD or OPEN OFFICE, you can copy from there and Paste into the WordPress Editor (some fonts and formatting will not work).

The editor has icons buttons (Bold, Italic, numbered lists, bullets, left – right – center justification, et al.  In addition there is a LINK (chain) and UNLINK and a MEDIA button.  These let you make web links or load pictures or video, or music into the page.  The KITCHENSINK gives a more detailed set of word processing icons.

Give your post a title in the header.  Type your content and edit or format as your wish.  Add links and media.  To add media files you can transfer them to the Media Library of click and drag to the media box after opening the media icon.



When “finished” with this you must PUBLISH  – look at the Right Sidebar.  You can save your draft, preview to see what it looks like, or PUBLISH (or UPDATE a previously published page).  You must also choose if this page has a “Parent” , the template, and the order.

POSTS are listed in reverse chronological order on your blog home page.  New posts are added to the home page.  Old posts can be edited or deleted, independently from all other posts.

PAGES are listed alphabetically by header unless you assign a number order.  Assigning a page “under a parent” will have that page show in a sub-pages.  You can have multiple levels of pages.

Profile Information and Personal Data

The Profile asks for your name and your personal description.  This may be visible to people who may find your blog.  For security during your exchange, we recommend that you do not share personal data on you blog.

Do No Post

  • Full Names
  • Birthdates
  • Identifying Information including Social Security Numbers, Passport Numbers
  • Home Address or Host Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • If Posting Photos, do not tag with names or geotags
  • Personal Schedules or Travel Schedules

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