Looking Good

Dressing You Blog Up

The first step in making your blog look good – pick a theme.

In Edit mode or Dashoard, the Left Sidebar will have an APPEARANCE Button.  Click on APPEARANCE then select THEMES.  There are hundreds of free themes that you can pick.  These will set the overall appearance for your blog including colors, fonts, headers, footers, sidebars and widgets.

To start, keep it simple.  Pick a theme with a header and colors appealing to you.  Select only one sidebar (right or left).

This blog uses the Twenty Ten theme.

Colors and Headers

Themes are color coordinated.  Most allow you to change color schemes.  Keep focused on content, rather that the art.

Most themes offer attractive header graphics.  However, you may be able to add your own graphics for the header.


Keep these simple and focused.  Having a search for the site may be useful.  Having spam control in important if you allow comments on your posts or pages.  After that consider carefully why you may want a widget added.

The Search Widget and the Categories Widget will help your readers find specific subjects.  When you post add categories to help stay organized.

What To Blog

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