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Maintaining Communication

Clubs and districts (and parents) should do everything possible to facilitate communication with the RYE student during the exchange.

Outbounds – we want you to WRITE to your sending club and district as well as to parents and friends. Writing about the experience can help better understand the changes you are undergoing and more fully appreciate the new way of life you are learning about.

District 6060 has a reporting procedure with each student. As a minimum you are to e-mail an update on the exchange to a designated Rotarian at least once a quarter.  We will include these communications on your club or district Web site.

We also must make sure all students have an emergency contact in the district and that you know how to contact them.

Several Outbound students have used blogs as online diaries to record their exchange experience.  These have been excellent communication tools.  The “one-way” communications keeps you on task and focused on your experiences.  Keeping your communications in order and concentrated helps you and your readers see your progression and development.  This is your long term experience and record – you really don’t need short term comments from readers or visitors.

Email can be disjointed and get lost and is focused to specific contacts.  Facebook is really for short, immediate, spontaneous messages and immediate interaction broadcast to a limited group.

A blog provides a format much more suitable format for recording, sharing and saving your breadth of exchange experience. So we want you to use a blog!


We are asking you to start your blog in WordPress.  Why:

  1. Free blog hosting
  2. As many accounts as you may wish
  3. Easy account sign up
  4. Easy to use blog driven editing and publishing (simple what you see is what you get)
  5. Lots of online support
  6. Among the top blog packages in the world
  7. Nothing to download or store on any computer (all hosted)
  8. Hundreds of free themes (Templates) and widgets to customize your blog appearance and operation
If you really want to read details about WordPress Click Here  For the present, DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything.  Not needed.  Simply click on areas of interest.


Getting An Account

Go to the Account Signup Page

This page will set your blog name, your user ID and your password for the blog.  These are yours and yours alone.

Enter an email address for yourself that is currently open and will remain open and active during your exchange.  WordPress will use this to communicate to you and for password revisions should you forget.

This email account can be your own free account in Yahoo of Gmail.  However, please make sure it will remain open and active throughout your exchange.

WordPress will also send a confirming email to this address that you must confirm before your WordPress account will activate.


For your Rotary Youth Exchange blog we suggest:

  • DO NOT use your first AND last name in the blog address
  • Try – (firstname-rye6060)
  • Use whatever ID and Passwords you will remember
  • Make the passwords “strong” as indicated by WordPress signin

You DO NOT have to upgrade or pay anything.  You blog will be very functional without any costs.

Once the form is completed, press CREATE BLOG.


Activate Your Blog

Now Confirm Your Email to Activate Your Blog

WordPress is sending a confirmation email to your email address.  Open the email from WordPress and click on ACTIVATE BLOG.

You are immediately directed to WordPress.  The page will have several options with links to many, MANY blogs.


Open Your Blog

Click on the MYBLOGS tab.

You will see you named blog and some links for your “Page” and “Comments”.  Click on your blogname.

This brings you to your live blog with the initial “Hello World” page from WordPress.  You will have 2 other tabs, ABOUT and CATEGORIES.


Now Start Posting



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