SPEC Presentation Model

A simple way to remember the elements of an interesting presentation is SPEC.

S                     P                     E                     C

Spark                               Purpose                           Example                         Conclusion


SPARK – This is something that will grab your audience’s interest and get them engaged and listening.


PURPOSE – Tell your audience why you are there and what you will tell them.


EXAMPLE – This is the meat of your presentation.  This will be the “stories” that illustrate each point that you told the audience you would cover.

Each story will also have a framework.  One model is STAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result.


CONCLUSION – As simply as possible, restate the points that you covered.  Make sure you have proven your initial question or challenge to the audience.

Throughout your talk – MAKE IT INTERESTING.  Make eye contact with the audience.  Modulate your voice and show your passion – emphasize strong points with a strong voice,  show emotion / passion at the appropriate points.

You don’t have to use any slides or visual aids to have a wonderful talk.  IF you use visual aids, make them ADD to your verbal painting, don’t make the visuals the focal point.  To many slides are a common failing.

More information on SPEC and STAR

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