Orientation #1

Great turnout and participation at Orientation #1.  I hope all our Outbounds and parents were able to retain all the stuff.  It was great to see the kids talking together at lunch.  A big Thank You to Olivia for attending and sharing her experiences and presentation.

We have attached more on the Culture Shock of engaging a new culture in the exchange.  Reading this and reviewing the slides may help Outbounds (and parents) understand the process.  The stress won”t be as high if you understand the process and where you are.

Look over the presentation part of this blog for ideas on your presentation – especially on the region.  If you use photos, use your own photos or copyright free photos (Flickr Creative Commons).  We don’t want you to run into copyright problems.



Remember – you assignments for next month are:

  1. Get your blog account open and start your blog – you initial experiences, thoughts, and challenges from Orientation.  Write something already!
  2. Prepare an 8 to 10 minute presentation to give to Orientation #2.  We want you to do a good job on this.  You can follow Olivia’s format but make it about YOU and your interests (school, sports, music, hobbies, local history).  Make it interesting.  Tell us something about you that will make us ask for more.  ALSO – write it, read it, practice it, edit it, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Do this until you can make the presentation with almost no notes.  This will take several hours if you are really engaged.  Start now!  You cannot do this a couple of days before the Orientation.

Finally – sign on to Rotary International Channel on Youtube.  Check out some of the videos that show what Rotary does.  Show your parents.  This will help you understand and appreciate Rotary a bit more.

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