Youth Exchange Orientation 2014-15


Started Rotary Youth Exchange Orientation for 2014-15 exchange year.  Nine wonderful outbound exchange students getting ready to go.

Great parent support, too.

District 6060 Governor Kate Schwadron an her husband, Howard, was here to help inspire our youth ambassadors. Outbound program organized by Paul Lambi, with support from Greg Luzecky, Steve Bacon, and Dave Wicks.


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RYE Outbound Manual Updated

The latest issue of the RYE Outbound Manual for Rotary District 6060 is now available.  This is updated now (late 2013) as the guideline for the 2014-15 exchange year.  Full text of the manual is available (CLICK HERE) .

There is also a link for a PDF copy of the manual that you may download and print as needed.

This is a guideline only.  If you have questions, please contact the Rotary District 6060 RYE Committee.

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RYE Interviews Have Started and Scheduled for 2014-15

Snow and Ice Don’t Stop Rotarians or Rotary Youth Exchange

Yesterday amid the snow we had the first round of interviews of applicants for the 2014-15 Rotary Youth Exchange year.  Four student applicants and their parents met with five of the Youth Exchange Committee for District 6060.

Two of the students were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Jackson MO.  One was sponsored by the Washington MO Rotary Club.  One was sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Louis.

These students are interested in exchanges to countries including Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, and possibly several other European countries.  Final selection depends on availability in the host countries.

Second Set of Interviews Scheduled for December 28

The next round of interviews is scheduled for December 28.  This will have up to five more students with parents.

Application Process

Any Rotary Club may sponsor a student for Youth Exchange. They may promote exchanges through their local schools.  They discuss the exchange program with the students and parents in detail.  Then the student (and parents) complete the application with help from the sponsor club.  The sponsor club is required to sign off on the application before transmitting to the District RYE Committee.

The District Committee is committed that all participants – students, parents, host families, and Rotary Clubs – to have a successful exchange.  The Committee reviews the applications and schedules interviews with parents and students make sure that:

  • All the required information on the applications is accurate and complete.
  • Students and parents are personally committed and understand the rules and risks
  • Students have the maturity, intelligence, knowledge,and passion needed for a successful exchange.


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Exchange Student Blogs – WordPress

A blog journal of the exchange is a wonderful way for our Outbound Exchange Students to share their exchange with friends, family, and the Rotary sponsor club.

We strongly suggest a WordPress blog because it is FREE, EASY, and very FLEXIBLY.  Posts can include photos, video, and audio in addition to the text.  Appearance can easily be customized using the free appearance themes.  Widgets, sidebars, plugins, and statistics let you do almost anything and see what is working.

This site includes directions for starting a blog on WordPress and our suggestion to use rye6060 in your blog name.

Just found out that St. Louis County Library has a great online course also FREE, that also can get you up and operational in your WordPress blog through Ed2go.  Many other courses available.  All you need is a SLCL library card.


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2014-15 Exchange Year

District 6060 is already in the middle of selections for exchange students for 2014-15.  Application deadline has passed and student and parent interviews are coming up this weekend.

Following interviews we have orientation meetings in February and March and District Conference in April.

Proud to be a Rotarian because we offer Youth Exchange.

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Outbound RYE Blogs – Need Updates

6060 RYE Students – need your blog updates.  We are getting a few on a regular basis, but want all our outstanding student travelers to keep us posted.  If your blog is not on our RYE Links page, please add it to the comments. If you haven’t posted in a while, well JUST DO IT.  We need these to keep our Rotary family motivated to continue the program.  Plus, we really do want to know how it is going.

Dave Wicks, Rotary District 6060, RYE Committee

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RYE Service

Want to see why Rotary supports RYE?  Steve LaBarge was interviewed recently. Check it out!  Interview

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